Criteria for Granting of and Matching Funds for Grants

Procedure for the Matching Grants program for DEI Grants.


Criteria for Granting of and Matching Funds for Grants
Procedure for the Matching Grants program for DEI Grants.
D7730 is instituting a special Grants program for Projects that encourage Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) in the community.  The District will grant Matching Funds to Clubs that apply for Grants which focus on the DEI program.
Grants will be applied for by the Clubs and the District Matching Grant value established.  Clubs will execute the Grants approved.  On submitting and receiving approval of the final report, District will Match the Clubs contribution for the approved Grant up to the original matching value approved.
At this time clubs are limited to one Grant application.  If totality of funds not exhausted, request for additional projects may be made.

  1. Qualification for Club Receipt of a DEI Gant:
    1. President in year of execution must have attended PETS for their year. 
    2. Submit a signed MOU for DEI grants by club president executing the DEI Grant and Prior year President. 
    3. Submit signed acceptance of Rotary International’s DEI statement.


  1. Terms of Qualification
    1. Valid only for the year Granted.
    2. Club responsible for the Funds Granted.
    3. Cooperate with all Audits.
    4. Execute the Grants according to the MOU terms.
    5. Follow the schedule established. 
  1. Maintaining Qualification
    1. Grant should have a Grant Manager Appointed and identified in Grant Documents.
    2. All expenses for the Grant should be maintained in a separate, or clearly identified account.  Cooperate with any audits.


  • August 9, 2022 Start applying for DEI District Grants
  • September 20, 2022 – Deadline to submit DEI District Grant applications, MOU’s and DEI statement via DEI Committee email
  • October 12,2022 – Communication of Grant Awards
  • December 17, 2022 – Projects must be started – DEI taskforce will check the progress and projects can be cancelled if not started
  • April 1, 2023 – Deadline for completion of DEI District Grants and filing of final reports 
  1. Grant Application
    1. Grants to be applied for using the Gant application shown. 
    2. Application must include clear Project Objectives, intended impact, Rotarian involvement, and Publicity plan.
    3. Grants will be awarded according to their impact on addressing the community and how it supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. 
  1. Final Report  
    1. The Final Report must be submitted no later than April 1, 2023
    2. Report must include:
      1. Itemized listing of Expenses and corresponding payments.
      2. Readable copies of all Invoices and corresponding Payments.  Must equal the total amount of the grant.
      3. Details of at least two things that Rotarians did in execution of the Grant.
      4. Photos of the Active Rotarian involvement
    3. Payment of the District Matching funds to the Club up to the will be contingent upon approval of the final report.
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