District 7730
Membership Event Grants


Apply Today for a Membership Event Grant!
Grants are available to cover expenses relating to events
that directly promote membership growth.


  1. Grant Amount – You can apply for $10.00 per prospect actually attending your event,
    with a maximum grant of $200.00 per club
  2. To be eligible, events must adhere to the: Recipe for a Successful Membership Event
    OR:  http://rizones33-34.org/MembershipResourceLibrary/04-RecipeForASuccessfulMembershipEvent.pdf
  3. Applications are due by 9/30/18
  4. Event must be completed by 11/30/18
  5. We have limited funds available, so it will be a first come, first funded basis
  6. You will need to provide a list of names and contact information of the attending guests to obtain reimbursement. Potential Members attending must be entered in DACdb to be eligible. 
  7. Questions? Contact R.B. Richey at: 17.18@gmail.com

Click Here is the link for the application 

Click Here for reimbursement form

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